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Unstable Elements (DeWitt/Dominic)

Title: Unstable Elements
Pairing: DeWitt/Dominic
Spoilers: 1x13 - "Epitaph One"
Word Count: 447
Rating: G
Summary: Adelle and Dominic have a little chat about the new Dollhouse technician.
Author's Note: Hee, I think this is the tiniest thing I have ever written, at least in a long long while. But I had to let out a little of my renewed Dollhouse enthusiasm somehow!


“I hate that guy.”

“‘That guy,’ Mr. Dominic, happens to be invaluable.”

“And annoying. What is he, like, twelve?”

“Twenty-three, I believe.”

“A trampoline.”

“I suppose a little exercise never hurt anyone.”

“On our way out, he pulled me aside and asked me to get him some Gushers.”


“They’re like – these little fruit snacks with liquid filling inside. That way when you chew them, they … you know. Gush.”

“That certainly sounds lively.”

“He’s sugar high. Or something high. You sure he isn’t—”

“He passed all of the drug tests, so I’m afraid we’ll have to write that off as natural exuberance.”

“More like natural insanity.”

“All geniuses have their eccentricities.”

“With all due respect, ma’am, I’d advise you to look for another genius.”

“As always, Mr. Dominic, I value your opinion. But I’m afraid in this instance we’ll have to disagree.”

They step into the elevator. The doors ding cheerfully shut.

After a handful of silent seconds: “You’re not really gonna make me get him the refrigerator, right?”

She fights to keep the corners of her mouth in place. “I suppose that particular task could be reassigned.”

“Thanks,” he grumbles. Then, as though he cannot quite help but ask it: “You like him, don’t you?”

“I make it a point to regard all my colleagues equally.”

“Yeah, okay.” He folds his arms in front of his chest. She can’t shake the suspicion that he’s a bit offended.

“You do realize that the presence of this man will revolutionize the way our House functions?” she reminds him. “That the technological developments he offers quite simply cannot be refused?”

“Of course, ma’am.”

She turns to meet his gaze. “I am asking you, then, to trust my judgment.”

“I do.” He says it without hesitation, curt and steady. His eyes (very strikingly blue, now that she pays attention) possess a reassuring steeliness. He has an inherent knack for polished subservience, but he does not shy away from her in the more essential moments, a quality that she respects. Not for the first time, she feels a flash of relief at having found him. She has no doubt that she can handle the responsibilities of her profession alone, but she certainly won’t complain about having someone capable by her side. He is so very excellent at what he does.

“And we’ll see,” she adds, “if we can’t bring in a lab assistant to tend to Mr. Brink’s myriad snack food requirements.”

“Lucky them,” he deadpans. This time she does not quite hold back her smile. “Ms. DeWitt?”

“Mr. Dominic?”

“Don’t get him a trampoline.”

They step out of the elevator in perfect, practiced time. She smirks. “We’ll see.”
Tags: dollhouse, fanfiction, fic: dewitt/dominic, fic: dollhouse
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