She was mean and she had seashells in her hair! (dollsome) wrote,
She was mean and she had seashells in her hair!

the GET YOUR ROMCOM ON comment ficathon!

It's been awhile since I held a comment ficathon, and romcoms are always in fashion! (At least if you're me.) So with that said, I bring you ...

Basically, we can do this however! If you'd like to post prompts for actual romantic comedies, jolly good! There's never enough fic for romcoms! Alternately, prompt any darn fandom or pairing you want; just have the pairings in question doing quintessential romcommy things. :) The point is, let there be schmoopy romantic fluff and zany comedic hijinks EVERYWHERE!

+ All fandoms are welcome!
+ One prompt per comment; prompts should be formatted along the general lines of '[fandom] - [pairing/character] - [prompt]'.
+ When you've filled a prompt, leave a link to it in the filled prompts comment thread.
+ Spread the word!

Tags: comment ficathon
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