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Fanvid, say what??

This is the first time I have fanvidded in ages, like, over a year. I have come to fear subjecting my poor old computer to the myriad evils of Windows Movie Maker, but some things are worth it, by Jove. (I'm also pretty sure I had homework today. Whoopsies!)

I was totally random in my song selection here, because this one's such a jaunty upbeat ditty about unhealthy relationships & perpetual heartbreak that I never quite thought to associate it with them. But then I just kept going, and going, and going, and now, somehow, there is a fanvid.

Props to oltha_heri, who is the DeWitt/Dom + Florence & The Machine fanvidding pioneer! Go watch her Hardest of Hearts if you haven't already; SO MUCH THAT IS PRETTY.

I feel like I should admit up front for the sake of things like honesty that I possibly went a bit overboard with the whole 'Roger is totally Adelle's substitute Dominic, zomg!' theme. Some things cannot be stopped!

These are all season one clips, so no need to beware of spoilers! Unless, you know, you're really behind.

{ @ youtube }

(I may or may not have picked my embedding border colours to match Adelle's office. Hum dee dum.)

I'm Not Calling You A Liar

I'm not calling you a liar,
Just don't lie to me
I'm not calling you a thief,
Just don't steal from me
I'm not calling you a ghost,
Just stop haunting me
And I'll love you so much
I'm gonna let you
Kill me

There's a ghost in my lungs
And it sighs in my sleep,
Wraps itself around my tongue
As it softly speaks,
And it walks,
And it walks with my legs
To fall
To fall
To fall at your feet

There but for the grace of God go on
And when you kiss me, I'm happy enough to die.

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