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She was mean and she had seashells in her hair!

The Shiny Happy Comment Ficathon!

Winter is coming; daylight is fleeting; for the students among us, end-of-semester hell is just about to rear its ugly head. What better way to combat such woes than with a super-cheerful comment ficathon?


The Rules Are Thus:

1. Cheerful prompts! I feel like there's not much regulation here in terms of pairings: almost every ship or pair of characters is capable of a fluffy/happy/silly moment, and if they're not in canon, then why can't they be in fic? However, any prompt involving, say, lyrics from Eminem and Rihanna's "Love The Way You Lie" is probably not appropriate in terms of tone. Unless it's the "guess that's why they call it WINDOW PANE" line, which will never stop being hilarious.

2. Prompt format should go thus:

Fandom -- Pairing or characters -- prompt

3. For the fic you've written, please put the following in your comment's subject line: 'Fandom -- pairing -- title.'

4. Be nice!

5. Spread the fun, if you are so inclined!

6. Go forth and have a merry happy good time. :)

(in rather sloppy chronological order;
this will probably be maintained rather poorly, my apologies!)

Merlin - Merlin/Morgana - it's not easy having yourself a good time by dollsome

30 Rock - Jack/Liz - How Jack Donaghy Got His Groove Back, With Whales by dollsome

How I Met Your Mother - Barney/Robin - Operation: Stake It To Ted by noteasilywon

BtVS/AtS - Buffy/Spike & Cordelia/Angel - Midnight in the Olive Garden of Good and Evil by angearia

Merlin - Arthur/Morgana - Well, this is awkward by copperiisulfate

The Mummy - Rick/Evie - Reading Is Sexy by vega_ofthe_lyre

Gilmore Girls - Rory/Jess - I'm Dreaming of a by daisysusan

True Blood/BtVS - Franklin & Spike - An Abundance of Window Pane by dollsome

Glee - Rachel/Jesse - I'll Never Tell by lettersandliars

Supernatural - Sam/Jess - Darling, we'll go a-drowning by feathertofly

Doctor Who - Amy/Rory - Worker Bees by lettersandliars

Glee - Brittany/Santana - "I'm just mad for you, and I'll always be, but naturally--" by amazingly_me

Twin Peaks - Cooper/Audrey - Hey girl, you've got a fine laugh, and I think that I can get used to that by lyssie

Being Human - Annie, George, Mitchell - "Annie, you can't keep the kitten. What if George eats it?" by nonky

Sherlock - Sherlock/John - Less than Clandestine by amazingly_me

HIMYM - Marshall/Lily, cast - it's not what i thought it would be (but what really is?) by portland_rain

The Office - Michael & Toby - Don't Go Breakin' My Heart by firthgal

Supernatural - Castiel - Heaven wasn't always hell by oceansex

BtVS - Buffy/Angel - Love is forever, right? by angearia

Dollhouse - DeWitt/Dominic - We Slay Dragons Together by derevko_child

The West Wing - Toby, Sam, & Josh - A Distinct Lack of Gravitas by amazingly_me

Supernatural - Anna/Ruby - Devil Meaning Well by oceansex

Anne of Green Gables - Anne/Gilbert - We should have a breakfast nook! by feathertofly

Legend of the Seeker - Richard/Kahlan - Just for tonight, darling, let's get lost by dollsome

The Vampire Diaries - Tyler & Caroline - TOGETHER, THEY FIGHT CRIME by nonky

Community - Jeff/Annie - O brave new world by dollsome

Glee - Brittany/Santana - You don't know how far I'd go by anthimeriate

Angel - Fred & Cordelia - Of Friendship and Tacos by superkappa

The Office - Jim/Pam & CeCe - Everyone's a Critic by firthgal

Community - Britta/Troy (and the gang) - El tango de sexual tension by dollsome

Glee - Kurt & Finn - Life is too short for traffic by storypaint

The Vampire Diaries - Caroline & Stefan - The Pros and Cons of Sparkling by law_like_love

Dollhouse - Topher - Aced The Tests, Never Did The Homework by kay_obsessive

Glee - Rachel & Kurt - Detour a Bad Day by storypaint

Lost - Kate/Sawyer - Just Like New Times by fragmentedsky

Doctor Who - Eleven/Rose - Top Hats Optional by laeria

The Vampire Diaries - Caroline, Elena, & Bonnie - Slumber Party by dranime203

The Vampire Diaries - Stefan/Elena/Damon - They say it's your birthday by austen

Battlestar Galactica - Adama/Roslin - carpe astra by pocochina

Merlin - Arthur/Merlin - Just One Hug by niftywithan

Harry Potter - Harry/Hermione/Ron - every stone you stood upon shifted, except for me by mollivanders

Doctor Who - River/Doctor - You're very pretty, you know. You're very rare, you know. by lyssie

Alias - Jack/Irina - A Murder Free Dinner by derevko_child

BtVS/Veronica Mars - Buffy and Veronica - girls in a gun store by mollivanders

Veronica Mars - Wallace & Veronica - shooting some hoops by polychromic

Battlestar Galactica - Gaius/Caprica Six - What's in a name, anyway? by mini_miss

Friday Night Lights - Coach/Mrs. Coach - Lazy Saturday afternoon by mollivanders

Caprica - Lacy & Barnabas - Emergence by odyle

Merlin - Arthur/Morgana (+ kind of ot4) - Objectivity by fragmentedsky

Harry Potter - Remus/Sirius - The Old Fablemakers by amazingly_me

The West Wing - Josh and Donna - And Most Fools Do by amazingly_me

Community - Britta/Professor Duncan - Alternative Lifestyles in Modern Discourse by nonky

The Vampire Diaries - Tyler & Caroline - TOGETHER, THEY FIGHT CRIME by nonky

BtVS - Spike/Drusilla - Callooh, Callay by marketchippie

Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Ben/Hannah - Best Friends with Wandering Eyes by nonky

Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack/Elizabeth - Winning is worth it by bellonablack

Battlestar Galactica - Kara/Sam - I'll sleep when I'm dead by nonky

Castle - Castle/Beckett - The Serenade of Romantic Doom by nonky

Modern Family - Mitchell/Cameron - Two Approaches To Baby-Naming by polychromic

The Vampire Diaries - Salvatore brothers & co. - Surprise is Not Only for the Living by ever_neutral

Pirates of the Caribbean - Anamaria - What shall we die for by caffeineandink

Batman - Harley Quinn/Batman - I have dreams of orca whales and owls by clockwork_jo

AtS - Angel/Cordy, Connor, the team - Icy Peril by museofspeed

The Vampire Diaries - Damon/Elena - The Timeless Taste of Cracker Jacks by amoenavi

The West Wing - Sam/Ainsley - Deep Fried And Extra Fatty by magisterequitum

Lost - Dan/Charlotte - Keeping still to move by valhalla37

Skins - Freddie, Emily - And I won't let you choke by clockwork_jo

BtVS - Buffy/Spike - Her Dark Place Is Also Quiet by ever_neutral

HIMYM - Barney/Robin - I know you get me (so I let my walls come down) by dollsome

BtVS - Spike & Dawn - The Cons of Anarchy by ever_neutral

HIMYM - Ted/Victoria - Social Networking by ceridweyn_lin

Harry Potter - Tom Riddle/Bellatrix Lestrange - All is loneliness before me by amazingly_me

The West Wing - Ainsley - Last Friday night, yeah we danced on tabletops by amazingly_me

Lilo & Stitch/Calvin & Hobbes - What I Did On My Summer Vacation by amazingly_me

Pushing Daisies - Ned/Chuck - Loophole by polychromic

Glee - Brittany & Finn - Hip-hop and Hippos by polychromic

The Vampire Diaries - Damon/Elena - Get Thee Behind Me, Temptation by redbrunja

The West Wing - Sam/Ainsley - Baby, it's cold outside by magisterequitum

ER - Ray/Neela - Edge of Desire by xmarisolx

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