She was mean and she had seashells in her hair! (dollsome) wrote,
She was mean and she had seashells in her hair!

holiday ficlet | gilmore girls | lorelai & rory

For dreamstrifer, blending two things that I am pretty sure she likes! :)

(Only 33 ficlets to go! I CANNOT BE STOPPED. dot dot dot.)

gilmore girls | lorelai & rory | i don’t rap about bitches ‘n hos, i rap about witches ‘n trolls

“I’m just saying, it could be considered a little creepy.”

“It’s not creepy, Mom, it’s amazing. It’s an incredible achievement. Can you imagine what kind of brain you’d need to fit all that stuff in your head?”

“Oh, kid. I have that much in my head on a daily basis. In the morning! Pre-Luke’s! Pre-caffeine! Thoughts upon thoughts, crashing and colliding—”

“Well, yes, but I’m talking literary merit-type thoughts, not spazzy rambles.”

“Ooh, ahh. ‘In the beginning, Gandalf created wee men with furry little feet and a very wise devotion to the concept of second breakfast.’ What’s so great about that?”

“I’m starting to suspect your investment in the Lord of the Rings movies hinges entirely on Viggo Mortensen’s butt.”

“Gasp! No. How dare you accuse me of such—”

“It makes sense, I guess. Aragorn’s so scruffy and broody, not unlike a certain diner owner slash fella of yours.”

“Yeah, well. Don’t tell Luke that. I’m trying to convince him that Toby Maguire is the only actor who could possibly play him in any movie version of his or our lives ever, period.”



“Why would you possibly need to do that?”

“’Cause I love him so much and his brain is my playground. Have I taught you nothing about the ways of romance? Anyway: this Viggo thing would set back my evil plan, oh, immeasurably.”

“I should probably tell him about Viggo.”

“Bite your tongue. Get thee behind me, Sauron.”

“Maybe, if you actually bothered to read a little of it, you’d change your mind.”

“Yeah. Um. No.”

“When we get home, today, I’m lending you my copy.”

“Hey, Kirk,” Lorelai says, “what do you think of The Silmarillion?”

“In a word?” Kirk asks, appearing out of nowhere. (Well, okay, he just walked out of Doose’s, but – it kinda feels like nowhere. Suddenly he’s just there, being Kirk, at the most Kirkish of moments.) “Majestic.”

Lorelai looks smug.

Rory frowns.

“Maybe it is a little creepy,” she admits glumly.

Lorelai pokes her in the arm. A victory poke. “Gotcha!”

“And now,” Kirk intones, “an impromptu recitation from part one, Ainulindalë – or, in simple English, ‘The Music of the Ainur’—…”

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