She was mean and she had seashells in her hair! (dollsome) wrote,
She was mean and she had seashells in her hair!

the WE COULD HAVE HAD IT A-A-ALL! comment ficathon

I'm bored, let's get our comment ficathon on!

+ The basic concept of this one: for all those times when you expected canon to give you something awesome, and then it didn't, or it gave you the potential for something to be awesome, and then it killed it off with Spanish Influenza didn't see it through all the way. Basically, this is a comment ficathon for those times when you felt like 'Wait! But! What about [really awesome thing]?' or 'Wait! But! I thought for sure [insert really awesome thing here] would happen! Weren't they leading up to [really awesome thing]?' or 'How can you cancel this when I'm sure that another season would bring us [really awesome thing]?' Or maybe even just those pensive times when you go 'Man, wouldn't this whole story have been much better if only [really awesome thing] would have happened at the get-go?' Or, hell, let's be real here: those times when your otp got punched in the face by the dread forces of canon. Let us thwart them all with the power of this ficathon!

Basically, this is really open-ended and subjective, with one common theme. And that common theme is, 'Canon haps, why you gotta make my soul feel like an Adele song?'

+ One prompt per comment, and please format your comment along the lines of: "[Fandom] - [Pairing or character(s)] - [prompt]." Feel free to submit as many prompt-comments as you'd like. The more the better!

+ If you respond to a prompt, include the pairing/character(s) and a title in the subject line of your comment if you are using a lj layout that has subject lines. If you're not, please put that same information at the top of your comment.

+ If your fic's got an R/NC-17 rating, please indicate as much in the comment subject line/top of your comment as well.


If you'd like to spread the word:

Masterlist of Responses
Robin Hood - Guy/Marian - "I may be dead, but I'm still pretty -- which is more than I can say for you." by littledivinity

BtVS - Giles/Anya - "Why didn't you come to the wedding?" by eilowyn

Harry Potter - Trio - Post-War by bloodofpyke

Downton Abbey - Mary/Lavinia - there is thunder in our hearts by dollsome

Merlin - Gwen/Morgana - with grace in your heart by dollsome

Downton Abbey - Mary/Lavinia - for where you go I will go by oltha_heri

Supernatural - Dean/Layla - He said he'd pray for her, and he did. by bloodofpyke

Sherlock - Molly - She always has an alibi, and one or two to spare by duh_i_read

Downton Abbey - Mary/Lavinia - Adventuring for Ladies by oliveoyl
Tags: comment ficathon, fanfiction
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