November 8th, 2010

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Electra on azalea path (Claire/Topher)

Title: Electra on azalea path
Pairing: Claire/Topher
Spoilers: Entire series; set in between "The Hollow Men" and "Epitaph One"
Word Count: 1307
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The world ends above them. They stay down here. It feels a little heavenly to her, this apocalypse. Now only a madman would rise up, go out there. Now staying here is not the crazy thing to do. You see, she half-thinks, while the rest of them twitch restlessly, I had it right all along.
Summary: Hahaha, this, er, may have been written for the Shiny Happy Ficathon. WHOOPS. Thank you, nikitembo, for the great prompt! And, er, sorry I went a bit dark. In fairness: apocalypse.

I just started doing some s2 rewatching, and the Topher/Claire storyline in "Vows" -- and particularly That One Scene -- augh, so amazing and fascinating and gut-wrenching, I wish we could have gotten a whole season dedicated to their interaction alone. Of course, that is what fic is for!

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